Weekend thoughts: Compassion?

How often do you look a situation with compassion? Do you even know what compassion is?

From what i understand, which isn’t a lot, compasssion is kindess, the abilty to feel the situation that leads us to acceptance so that we can let go of the harm done.

For years i’ve been flirting on the idea of compassion through books & articles. It usually comes up whenever gravity gets me down. But lately i feel like losing it.

It is easy to give myself out for those who are suffering from lost but when it comes to myself, it is very hard to just sit with the pain. How does it work actually? I thought i understood compassion, i thought i was living it.

How can it be so easy to feel compassion for others and be kind to them but on the other hand I keep beating myself up? How can we be sure it’s a genuine compassion?

I read once that the more we resist, the more suffering we are.

Until someone told me to stop being harsh on myself. I smiled with lots of going on in my head.

Am i?


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