My last few days in Jogja

It’s been an OMG week, too much stuffs going on.  I try to dig up the memories but I guess pictures will tell you more.

The last few days of my trip were kinda awesome dramatic irony. I went to Magelang with Elisa; my couchsurfing host, riding a motorbike to see Vesak Celebration. We caught up with some CS Jogja’s friend on the way. It was a smooth ride though the traffic wasn’t really nice, not to mention the lovely on and off rainy weather.

I didn’t tweet much about it while I was there but I believe many of you have known about the celebration chaos.  Too many cameras, young couples joke fun, shout out and so many inappropriate behavior during this Buddhist sacred ritual. Well, I could probably be considered as part of them though seeing the lantern wasn’t my only intention but I had my guilty feeling moment. I was pretty upset seeing the monks & nuns got wet while the speeches from several ‘vvip’ people were like forever.  I just stood still, wishing the rain would stop falling.

Once the celebration ended I decided to contact Mas Pepeng, asking whether there’s still enough space for me & Elisa to sleep over and join their trip, and yes he allowed us to join. Mas Pepeng and friends rented a local village house which was only 5 minutes drive from Borobudur.  I found his itinerary really fit me. The next morning we woke up at 4 to catch the sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu Hills, Mas Pepeng also showed us how to make good coffee from his Presso machine. He’s a story teller of coffee and…. He can do it for you at home, office… wherever you are. Just check him here.

We then continued our journey to the Gereja Ayam or Chicken Shaped Church, need a little hike up but it was worth the struggle. Not really sure about the history of it, but the church has been abandoned for years. You will find some white pillars in it and some unfinished constructions.  Some say the church was being used as a house of prostitution, that’s why the local villagers refuse and stop the construction. Very less information about it, maybe you can do better on Google.

We’re finally back to the house, had our breakfast, packing up are bags. We split up; I decided to visit Borobudur again because I haven’t been up to the temple. Back to Jogja at noon and the next day I went to Malioboro to get some ‘oleh-oleh’.  Had an early morning flight, Thanks to Manusia Super for taking me to airport.

I am very grateful for their hospitality and hope to see them all again someday.


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