Jogja day 2 – The city

Friday morning in Jogja, My couchsurfing host; Elisa already left for work. Got a DM on twitter from Jensen, we finally decided to go to Prambanan by Trans Jogja. We went from Sorogenen shelter, the southside Jogja. The bus attendant told us we had to change bus at JEC shelter, but of course he didn’t mention that it would be such a long wait as we passed 2 buses because there’s no space left. Once we got one, we had to squeeze in to the bus which was fully packed. Not so much a problem actually, we finally arrived at the Prambanan Bus Stop and turned out that Prambanan was a little bit long walk distance from the Bus stop. To me, nothing more exciting than a long walk.

 I’m not gonna tell you the history of Prambanan, let Wiki do the job. So I just share some pictures of it.

The temple is closed at 4pm, but we stayed until 5 ummm maybe 6 to have some coconut water before heading back to town.

In the evening, my Host Elisa took me to some happening places in Jogja by her motorbike. We went to The House of Raminten in KotaBaru, People say this is the original one. We met Elisa’s friends; Luky, Bani and Tim who were very easy to get along with, discussed about our plan visiting Borobudur for the Vesak Celebration.  The celebration that most and perhaps the only reason why hundreds or thousands of people came to Jogja that week.

Elisa also showed me another place near Tugu Station that serves Kopi Joss; Black Coffee with burning charcoal in it. First time I saw this place was like wow… this place was filled with a group of young people hanging out. I felt like I was too old for this. What am I 20?? Ah no maybe because I am just a shy introverted young woman with a lack of confidence being in a big crowd of people.  I then ordered a glass of cold fermented glutinous rice beverage and coffee for Elisa. I gave myself a sip of Elisa’s coffee but since I don’t drink coffee, I couldn’t taste any difference between the regular and the one with burning charcoal.  We were also passing some other places in town before heading back home to prepare our long ride to Magelang.

I will be back soon with the story of Vesak, Magelang and a journey from a story teller of coffee, Mas Pepeng.

Good night.

  1. I will never be at Prambanan tempel if not for being your escort back then. Thankyou. Such a good time with you there. 😉

  2. Kopi Joss or known as Angkringan Tugu is best visited before evening, where many people gather to talk, not only hanging out.

    After the night has come, it’s just another hippie place.

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